Setup repository and install the package:

Apache setup

If you want to access Pydio at http://localhost/pydio do:

Since I prefer to use SSL connection I usually skip next part and setup only SSL virtualhost. So disable default virtualhost (a2dissite 000-default) and skip to SSL part.
If you want to access Pydio at http://localhost make a copy of default virtualhost:

and paste this into /etc/apache2/sites-available/000-default:

Same with default-ssl, make a copy and paste:

Enable sslĀ and disable output_buffering in php and then restart apache

Point your browser to https://localhost and just follow the instructions.

Mysql setup

For configuration storage setup mysql server:

Generate password and paste it into dialog which appears during installation. Later you can setup passwordless login to mysql by creating file /root/.my.cnf with contents:

Then connect to mysql and create database and user for Pydio:

Continue on web and enter details for database connection. The page will reload and you can continue then setting up your environment.

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